A limited edition artwork designed to engage your pup and beautify your home.

Canine visitors to our dOGUMENTA NY exhibition were enchanted by the sculptural trio created by Israeli-born Artist Merav Ezer. Inspired by this response, we invited her to create a work of art that dOGUMENTA patrons could bring into their homes. She calls it TOM. Each TOM is hand-crafted by A Couple of Artists in Broooklyn, NY.

Inspired & Interactive

TOM is a stylish sculpture -- part Dachshund, part Artificial Intelligence -- capable of communicating with canines through a stylized vocabulary of visual and audio cues. The work encourages conversation between pup and artwork and invites dogs to ponder existential questions of identity. 

TOM is fitted with high-tech components that, when set to the "On" position, sense motion and engage in a dialog with your pup through a series of breed-specific barking sounds.

Only 25 will be made. To reserve yours contact or click here

(Photo:  Mary Altaffer  / AP)

(Photo: Mary Altaffer / AP)

TOM Photos by Jason Falchook