Artist Prospectus

The Exhibition

dOGUMENTA will follow on the success of its 2017 New York City inaugural with a brand-new exhibition featuring 8-10 Los Angeles-based artists in an exhibition taking place over two weekends in September, 2018 (this information is not yet public). Our partner is the team at Arts Brookfield and the venue is an outdoor plaza in the FIGat7th complex in downtown Los Angeles.

The show is inspired by the visionary insights of a Morkie named Rocky who relishes gallery outings in his Chelsea, NYC neighborhood. His companion human, Jessica Dawson, noticed that Rocky approached art with enthusiasm and a fresh eye; he wasn’t overwhelmed by the many over-hyped exhibitions, biennials and art fairs. It became clear that Rocky had something to teach humans about looking. dOGUMENTA is a chance for the art world to give pups a show all their own and for companion humans and their pups to engage with contemporary art together.

The Artists

dOGUMENTA artists are willing to engage a new species of art lover and consider their concerns, interests and worldview. Prospective works address needs and preferences of the canine community, including, but not limited to: 1) the ability to stay curious after repeated viewings; 2) a fearless approach to interaction, including a willingness to pounce on Carl Andre sculptures without fear of reprisal; 3) an appreciation of a breadth of media (photography, video) despite physical limitations to vision; 4) healthy disregard for the art world’s prevailing trends; and 5) the ability to remain impervious to New York Times, ArtNet and Hyperallergic coverage -- in other words, a willingness to go with one’s gut. For more information on Rocky’s preferences please watch the the videos at


  • Works may be in any medium but will need to be freestanding (site has access to power)
  • Artists must take into consideration the all-weather outdoor nature of the exhibition
  • Work will be presented on a 10’x10’ foot square of artificial turf; work should be dog-scaled and need NOT fill this entire space; please see images of NYC show
  • Artists are expected to work collaboratively with curatorial team to ensure works are safe for a canine audiences

dOGUMENTA will support agreed upon production costs up to $1000 maximum. Artworks are not listed for sale but dOGUMENTA team will facilitate sale of an artwork if interest is expressed.

Proposals and Studio Visits

Artists interested in participating should contact Jessica Dawson, founding curator, at and we will set up a phone call to discuss the artist’s preliminary idea. Jessica and curatorial partners Mica Scalin and Rocky will visit LA periodically to make studio visits with artists.